Guide was selected in tehran international short film festival

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Guide – The Love for a Horse was Selected Film at | tehran international short film festival LINK


On the way to festivals

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Under great pressure, we have succeeded in producing a high quality subtitlad version of the film ‘Guide – the Love of a Horse “.
Lars af Sillén contributed to upload the subtitles. Mayne Sundvall-Hopkins and her husband David Hopkins helped to obtain a good English and Anders Dahl finally made sure to polish the details and get the films rendered to the screening copy. Now we keep our fingers crossed.

It was almost a mission impossible but Nordisk Panorama gave respite from the application deadline. This Sunday I got up 5:30 and worked until midnight the night to Monday. There was a 19 hour shift. But the film went away and now we’ll see if it gets adopted.

Now, do I also start trying to get the film admitted to other festivals. So we’ll see how it works out.
Will also contact the Swedish Television and other TV channels.

Again many thanks
Börje Peratt and film team

Guide-The Love for a Horse

Thanks for an amazing premiere

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The premiere February 14th at Danderyd Cultural Studio (Stockholm/Sweden) became successful with many appreciative comments.

Susanne Holtz: Many thanks for a very nice and touching movie. It probably was not just me who had tears that flowed, there were many …

Madeleine Grimhusen: Thank you for a wonderful fine film. It touches and moves about on many levels. Thank you.

Priscilla Herneke-Olestad: An incredibly beautifully shot and beautifully depicted movie and it contained so much love. Congratulations to all of you who worked out this movie. Thanks Borje for we had the honor of seeing it today. Hug

Big thanks to everyone who came and made this day a success.

Thanks Jonas Jonasson Danderyd Municipality that showed the film and also gave it a festive programme.

Börje Peratt
and Film Team

Premiere February 14th at 13:00 Danderyd estate

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Unni, Guide Elin ca 1986

Unni, Guide Elin ca 1986

30 years ago, I heard a film colleague say that “today I have got a horse,” but then nothing more until 2012, when I heard the background. He had bought the horse for his daughters, which came to rescue the young horse. I said that “this history, we must tell!”

We met Elin Warner a week later in the stable. She told me that Guide the six year old young horse had injured pelvic bone and under the recommendation would have been killed. The then 12-year-old horse girl’s action was decisive for the Guide recovery. She rescued it and then rode the horse for 28 years.

Elin is a child of nature, animal lover and elite athlete with a successful career in volleyball. Today she is the coach of a men’s elite teams in the top flight. In 2012 she was awarded National Athlete friends ‘prestigious’ Jubilee Scholarship for outstanding active sports leader deed”.

In the documentary we interviewed Elin’s little sister Unni and partner Janne that enrich the picture of Elin’s way of dealing with animals.

The film contains reconstructions of Elin and Guide as young with the stand in, Greta Sjöstrand, 13-year-old look-alike handball girl and “Jossan” Stenqvist and her horse Kickit.

Börje Peratt


Youtube Trailer

Facebook Premiär

Film premiere
14 febr kl 13.00
Film length 30 min
Danderydsgården, Noragårdsvägen 27 Danderyd

Film Day with stand ins

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During the interviews with Elin about life with horse Guide there were scenes that filmmakers are keen to retell with more than words.

One such scene is the start of the journey and about how they found the young horse lying with pelvic fracture. To be able to retell the scene we looked well after a young girl lookalike Elin at the same age and then additionally a horse like Guide who could lie down.
This is a trick that requires a lot of both horse attendant and the horse. I went out on Facebook groups and searched. The response was amazing. The first responders lived quite far from Stockholm, but was willing to take their horse to Stockholm to do the scene. It was a statement that was overwhelming. What has committed them to want to help this history of to be realized. I thank you with all my heart for your offers.

Then it came an offer closer to Stockholm so I first wanted to try it and if it was lucky so I then wanted to try one of those who came farther away. As it was, we were able to take us to Jossans farm (Josefin Stenqvist Eternal Ride ) reside in Roslagen, even though she offered to come to us. But it felt right to take the team and Greta there instead.

It was something of an adventure on icy forest roads. But the result was amazing. Kick It, which she was called, (Salix Ticket To Ride really) is one eleven year old, chestnut with sufficient similarities with Guide and a wonderful personality as well as Guide. I am very happy that we could make this visit and see how Jossan realizes her dream with an own horse farm. Extremely impressive. Horse Girls is probably a genus of their own.

Jossan och Kick it

Jossan och Kick it

The result of shooting was also more than good. Above all, we got the scene that felt almost impossible to do.

Many thanks Jossan, Kick it and Greta!

Börje Peratt 2015-01-17 (shooting Date)

Additional scenes with Greta

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Fotograf Hans Welin och Greta Sjöstrand (ung Elin)

Principal Photo Hans Welin and stand in Greta Sjöstrand (ung Elin)

Before concluding scenes, we took the help of Foxen and advertised for a 12-13-year-old girl that would resemble Elin as young. Greta Sjöstrand handball girl from Sollentuna was perfect in every way. Greta was also very easy to instruct and worked perfectly during shooting.

Perhaps there may be some more additional scene, which we discover during editing. Otherwise, it should in principle be finished filmed.

Anders Dahl now steps in and helps us with editing.

Greta och Hans vid kameran

Greta och Hans vid kameran

Greta is supposed to have gained a little insight into what hard work it is to take care of a horse and what it means to produce a movie.

Börje Peratt official


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Avskedet, Hans Welin - Guide

Avskedet, Hans Welin – Guide

Last day for Guide, photographer Hans Welin take farewell. This is for all involved a traumatic moment.

Now it seems that we will have to resume in getting to the final material that are necessary to be able to edit the story.

Börje Peratt official

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